"The flamenco-inspired guitar playing of Alejandro Urzagaste."
" provided rhythmic surge."
Howard Reich Chicago Tribune

"Musical talent and ability combined with integrity comes to mind when I hear him."
Bobby Broom Jazz Guitarist and Educator

Alejandro was born in Iowa and raised in the midwest. His affinity for music began cultivation in high school by playing in bands and exposure to the music of Thelonious Monk, Count Basie and Joe Pass. He played in the Jazz Workshop at St. Charles high school under the direction of Jeff Childs and Jim Kull and the ECC band with director Mark Bettcher.

In '96 he relocated to Minneapolis, MN with the defunct rock act Oxpecker. After briefly forming the No Filter Quartet and touring with 12Rods he received a scholarship offer to attend Northern Illinois University as part of Fareed Haque's guitar studio.

Upon arrival in DeKalb, Chicago became the destination with opportunities to hear the Bobby Broom Trio and Ron Perrillo quickly becoming the norm, along with the Tuesday night jam at the New Apartment Lounge hosted by Von Freeman.

The inspiration set forth from those experiences led him to Chicago in 2000 where he quickly joined several groups and performed at the local venues of note. He since has performed at the Green Mill, the Chicago Jazz Festival, Andy's Jazz Club, Pete Miller's Steakhouse and the Jazz Showcase as a leader and a sideman for Taku Akiyama, Marco Polo, Marc Pompe, Juli Wood and the Deep Blue Organ Trio. He has performed with Jodie Christian, Von Freeman, Bobby Broom, Ron Blake, Kobie Watkins, Clark Sommers, Maurice Brown, Ron Perrillo, Eric Schneider, Pat Mallinger, Juli Wood, Dennis Carroll and Shara Maxwell.

In 2012 he released his debut recording "Urban Intervals." The recording features the all-star rhythm section of Bobby Broom Trio bassist Dennis Carroll, the internationally known George Fludas and Jodie Christian.