Keeping busy as you may see on my page. I have some very exciting "new" ideas I am working on. Namely, a new release with Bill Carrothers on piano, Dennis Carroll on bass and George Fludas on drums.

Here is a link to a video from my first record release party for "Urban Intervals" in 2012. Here the group features Ron Perrillo on piano. The "Urban Intervals" recording is with Jodie Christian on piano who left us at the time of this performance, February 2012.


For Booking email- auguitar@auguitar.com

A bit about myself.

I was born in Waterloo Iowa, a child of the 70’s. My parents are immigrants from South America. My mother is from Santiago Chile and my father from Uyuni Bolivia. They met in Elmhurst Illinois in the early 70’s. My mother and her father came over first and settled in an apartment. She had a job at a hospital. A lady Maria worked with, knew of a friend who had a nephew staying with them while he worked construction during school breaks in Kansas.

They went on a date.

After earning a degree in physics from McPherson College, my father accepted a job as an engineer for John Deere in Waterloo IA. We resided in a small three bedroom house in neighboring Cedar Falls. The house bordered the edge before the fields. Now there are two more rows of houses and the streets are paved, open field off in the distance.

My grandmother thought it would be nice to have someone play guitar and sing.

I thought the guitar case made a cool spaceship.